You've fallen and found yourself in Vegland! Make your way out!

Control scheme

KeyboardXbox Controller
Playstation Controller
WASD or Arrow Keys
D-Pad or Left analog stick
D-Pad or Left analog stick
AZ or J
A or R1
Cross or R1
BX or K
B or L1
Circle or L1
StartSpacebar or Enter
Menu (Start)

Limitations used

  • Tiles use 4 colors, sprites use 3 colors + transparency
  • Whole game uses the Kirokaze Gameboy color palette
  • Each sound (including music) were made using gameboy sound hardware emulation to ensure authentic sound (for this I've used the PAPU vst plugin).  Each sound uses the 2 square and 1 noise channels (wave channel was not used because the PAPU plugin doesn't provide it). However, overlapping sounds don't interrupt each other.
  • No scaling or rotation of sprites.

Tools used



Escape from Vegland (Windows) 46 MB
Escape from Vegland (Linux) 48 MB
Escape from Vegland (Cursed Android) 17 MB


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Cool platformer!

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!


Nice game man! Music is also cool, GB vibe. Cover photo really forced me to click on your game and play it.

Thanks! I really spent some time on the cover art, and had to learn a thing or two since I'm not a pixel artist. I think it was worth spending that effort!

Fun game my man. 


Thanks! I appreciate that you made a video about it :)


watch this

Wow that's fantastic! It's really cool to actually see someone playing it!

nice game

Thanks :)